Wooden Ornaments and Decorations

Developed technique of cutting in wood allows me to make openwork and lace wooden ornaments and decorative elements, as well as interior decoration elements.

Ornaments patterns of houses interior and floor surface are limited only by imagination and clients’ ideas. Proposals of my own projects include:

  • decorative wooden ornaments and laces,
  • decorative stylized cornices, internal bars, shutters and wooden panels,
  • openwork wooden covers and heater housings as well as headboards,
  • wooden furniture ornaments,
  • wall openwork pictures,
  • decorative, openwork furniture made from linden wood.

I design decors of small house decorative forms, elegant office surfaces and restaurants as well as exquisitely cut wooden elements of shop windows and displays. I select an appropriate subject of decor or a decorative element, material and if necessary – colouring.

A separate proposal of my atelier is wall decoration, including lime-wood paintings, which in a natural way combine linden wood with a finely cut openwork ornament. Many times, a polished stamp bark is a natural painting frame. The painting combine the beauty of natural linden wood with the man’s craft, resulting in an effective decoration of each single room.

Products vary in their degree of surface finish. Appropriately finished linden wood the most delights with the beauty of its natural, dim pattern, sometimes with the ivory white or penetrating rings.