Paintings for sale

Paintings for sale

Limited Painting Series

Works displayed below are compositions of author’s paintings digitally converted and coloured. High printing quality on a special ornate paper, is underlined with an appropriate passé-partout and covered with a colourless plexiglass plate.

MandalaMan Drawing Gallery has an exclusive right to print and make displayed author’s works available. Copies are numbered and their amount is limited. As the circulation is depleted, the work must not be longer made available. Originals numbered 001 are not available.

Each painting is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity, which confirms that the work is original. The certificate is secured with the MandalaMan Gallery stamp. It keeps information on the date of copy inception, subsequent No. with the information on the number of available copies (e.g. 3rd out of 50) and a unique author’s signature – unrepeatable mark of a particular copy in a limited series.




Mysterious portraits

Framed paintings for sale

Each MandalaMan Gallery painting is framed in stylized, lime-wood frames – made at the atelier. Frames can posses openwork pattern or ornament edge or purposely structuralized and polished surface. They can be coloured too.

Drawing motif and frames constitute an original composition, unattainable at any other gallery.

The atelier makes wooden frames to order according to the client’s demand in terms of shape, width and colouring.

Displayed below proposition are simple, classic lime-wood frames 7-10 cm in width, with a special polished surface and not coloured.

Framed paintings for sale