Ornaments, laces and openworks cut in linden wood is my specialty.

Arrangements involving them are used for decorating interiors and facades of houses, decorating shop windows and elegant office space.


Decorating houses, providing houses with the sense of individualism is associated with solidity, prestige and wealth. Additionally, it ensures aesthetic comfort and makes occupants pleased to have contact with art. In present times, where a home fulfils basic protective functions, giving it an individual character and decorating with beautiful wooden elements increases its advantages, single out and fulfil high aesthetic…

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Recently, I have finished a complex reconstruction of gallery decorations of the old Warmian house. New, 1:1 scale decorations were not coloured, they were only mounted within prepared earlier construction of the new gallery. Patterns that I copied are really beautiful, and work evokes artistry and precision of workmanship of original work from 100 years ago. The more so because…

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